I am not able to hold smaller regional Million MILF Marches in other cities at this time.  Not enough hours in the day ;(

Note: The Million MILF March is a trademarked event and the sole property of Hot Mess Events & Entertainment, LLC.  No stealing.  Stealing is for douches.


Hot Messes Unite!

What is a MILF?  {according to me}

We are not your mother’s mother. We have never been to a beauty parlor. We do not have our hair ‘set’. We ROCK 40… We can bring home the bacon and fry in up in a pan. {We may let you forget you’re a man because we are really focused on that bacon} We wear yoga pants and 5 inch heels, although never at the same time. We range in size from 2- 22. We range in age from 30-60. We may or may not have children. We may or may not be married. Hell, we may or may not be women.

We are living in a busy crazy financially burdened time, but realize the importance of taking time out for FUN. We have jobs, kids, pets, charities, spouses, parents, friends, and countless other responsibilities that we do gladly and we do well. We are imperfect. We embrace our flaws. We are hot messes and we are proud of it.

And for this Million Milf March~ we celebrate OURSELVES. We celebrate our wrinkles and muffin tops. We will be selfish. We will be gluttonous. We will be kid-free! We will eat and drink and be merry. We will not be judged. We will raise money for a good cause. We will march. {and by ‘march’ we mean ‘stroll from bar to bar’}

We are MILFs.


19 thoughts on “MILLION MILF MARCH 2014

  1. We can walk.. it is 0.4 miles (6 blocks) from hotel to both Friday night party and Saturday kick off. It’s about a 7 minute walk. IF anyone would like to take a taxi home from the Friday night party, taxis are readily available.

  2. I won’t be able to make it :( . Just broke the bank on a 30tj birthday party ;) . But I have local friends (grew up less than an hour away) so I will spread the word!!!

  3. omg..that’s great!! Register NOW to save $$!! Pricing goes up again on the 15th, then on the 1st!! ;)

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I’m so in. Ladies, the Sheraton is a little on the dumpy side or was in 2002 so don’t expect glamour, but it is VERY close to everything on Bourbon Street.

  5. it’s been refurbished… post Katrina… giving us a GREAT rate!!
    make sure you get your registration done before 8/15 when pricing goes up!! Can’t wait!

  6. This such a New Orleans kind of event! The Sheraton is a great host hotel–I managed a couple of conferences there before moving here–and is an ideal location. I’d like to also promote our local bed and breakfast association, the Professional Innkeeper’s Association of New Orleans (PIANO) There are a number of membership properties around and in the French Quarter. If the Sheraton fills up, check us out. Can’t wait to meet all you MILFS!!!

  7. I may be an idiot or maybe it’s because I am doing this on my phone but I don’t see how much tickets are or how to pay for them. Sincerely,
    Blonde to the Skull

  8. I seem to be having the same problem as heather….blonde and all?!?! Help!!

  9. Dumb Question: If my HUBS is attending the march with me, do I need to register him too or is he included with my registration?


  10. This is AWESOME! Can’t wait I will so be there wearing both yoga pants AND stilettos. HOT. Oh yeah, it will catch on.

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