Things to do in New Orleans..

Many, many, MANY of you are traveling to New Orleans from out of state for the MMM.  I am totally overwhelmed (my word of the month, btw) by all of you.  It is amazing.  Truly.   As you know the pub crawl on Saturday is a day-time event.  I scheduled it this way for a few reasons~~ safety being one.  Don’t need a bunch of drunk women getting lost in New Orleans at 2am :)    The other, and larger, reason is that I really want those who are visiting to have time to explore and enjoy the city.   New Orleans is such a wonderful town.  The food, the music, the art, the history.. all of it!

I could write my favorite places to go, things to do here and it would take up 700 pages.   So, I’m not going to do that.   What I AM going to do is provide you with as much information as I can so that you can go explore and find your own New Orleans favorites.

HERE is a list of 30 FREE things to do in New Orleans.

HERE is information on Katrina recovery and city milestones post-Katrina

HERE is information about Mardi Gras, VooDoo, our Cemeteries, our culture and more…

HERE is a breakdown of New Orleans neighborhoods.  **note:  the MMM will take place in the Warehouse District

And, finally, HERE is a list of things to do from art galleries to swamp tours.

I know you won’t have a lot of extra time.. but for those of you flying in Friday morning and leaving Sunday eve… I hope you use those two days to explore one of our nation’s most amazing cities.

Cannot wait to see you all!   Laissez les bon temps rouler!!